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    Who am I? I am Caroline, a girl with a camera {alot of them, actually} and a passion for documenting life. I am married to my very own superhero, and have two sons who claim I am "the best mommy they ever had". My favorite sound in the world is their uncontrollable laughter. I love living in sunny San Diego, but wish it snowed here. I love the beach, but not in the summer. I battled breast cancer, and came out on the other end with a newfound appreciation for the need to capture life's moments...ALL of them. And, believe it or not, I actually enjoyed being bald. I love watching the 'light bulb" go on when a child learns or discovers something new. The highest compliment you could pay me would be to tell me I perfectly captured your child's personality during our session. I love camping, boating, skiing, wakeboarding, hiking, & biking. Basically, if I am outdoors, I am happy. However, I am also quite happy curled up on my couch in front of a fire.

    Who am I? Only the luckiest girl in the world, hoping you will allow me to be a part of your

Just Do It | Oceanside Extended Family Photography

a lot of photographers probably think i am crazy, but i get so excited when someone calls me to book a photo session for their extended family!  sure, it’s a bit more difficult to wrangle such a large group of people, but knowing that i have been given the honor of documenting an important piece of a family’s tree…well, that does it for me.  there is something special about getting a great {& rare} photo that the whole family will cherish for generations to come.

so, whatcha waiting for?  drop me a line at, and let’s capture your family tree!

That time I met the Queen | Oceanside Lifestyle Family Photography

The silliness and belly laughs were a long time coming with this crew….we’ve been trying to get this shoot done for, well, close to forever.  But I’ll tell ya, it was worth the wait! I mean, I had no idea I was going to meet the Queen, until she introduced herself to me.;)

hey you!  make sure you don’t miss this image of ‘the queen’…it’s my favorite!

Vacation | Del Mar Beach Lifestyle Photography

i just love it when i get to be a part of someone’s vacation.  that vacation state of mind sweeps over the entire session, and makes it so easy for everyone to just relax and have fun.  the only part i don’t like?  getting in my car at the end of the session and heading back to real life.  but, since i get to work at the beach, i guess i shouldn’t complain.  ;)

Keepin’ It Real {Real Life} | San Diego area lifestyle photography

Get ready for some serious eye candy!  This is the beginning of a new journey…a blog circle with some of my amazing photographer friends.  What’s a blog circle?  Well, each month, we will be Keepin’ It Real by posting some of our favorite shots based on the month’s theme.  This month, take a peek at what Real Life looks like to me.  Once you’ve checked out my images, be sure to click the link at the bottom of this post to see a different perspective from another rad photographer!  From there, you can continue clicking through the circle.  And, if you are so inclined, leave us some love.  We all love knowing we had visitors.:)

This is {my} Real Life.  A series of mundane, everyday things that join together to become my beautiful life!

Laundry…there’s always laundry!


always waiting on little bro…


we are officially a hockey family these days, and there is always a pile of gear lying around!


a love of music runs deep in our family.  we’ve got 2 violin players, a pianist, guitarist, and a guy who wishes he could play the uke.;)


homework, homework, homework…


a post about my ‘real life’ just wouldn’t be authentic without a few pics from my instagram feed.  after all, part of my daily life involves my 365 project.  check it out here, if you’re so inclined.

now, pop on over to check out the ‘real life’ of my incredibly talented friend Jaye, at The Life in Your Years Photography!



  • KamiApril 10, 2014 - 10:32 am

    This is great, Caroline! I almost posted laundry too, but my pic didn’t look nearly as poetic as yours. So glad to be going on this adventure with you!ReplyCancel

Dapper | Oceanside Lifestyle Family Photography

These two boys could not be more handsome and fun to shoot!  I am so lucky I’ve been invited to capture their sweetness yet again.  After their last session, I knew the bar was set high.  But I think we did ok this time, too!;) For the record, if you are ever inclined to put your boys in bow ties and vans, please be sure to call me!

this one is one of my favorites!

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