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Here we go with another installment of the Keepin’ It Real blog circle I am doing with a group of insanely talented photographers! This time around, it’s all about Real Emotion, and I’m going to take this opportunity to change things up a bit.

As I’m sure you all know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.  That means there is pink everywhere!  From the football field to the store shelves, all in an attempt to raise awareness.  Say what you will about that fact that many of the pink products you purchase don’t actually raise any money for the cause, or that ‘awareness’ has become big business.  I think it’s a great start.  But that’s it…a START.  Awareness is all well and good, but we need to do more.  Now that the sea of pink has gotten everyone’s attention, it’s time to talk about it.  So, let’s talk.  About breast cancer, and the real emotion that comes with it.  Let’s get honest.

Breast cancer sucks, plain and simple.  It’s scary.  Anyone who has had it, or loved someone who has, knows all about the fear that a comes along with it.  The fear that it will change you, or worse, that it will take your life.  The fear that you will not be able to see your children grow up, or meet your grandchildren.  The fear that the ones you love will not be ok without you.  The fear that you may have to live life in pain, that you may have to suffer, and that they will have to witness it. The constant fear that, even though you fought and won, the beast might come back for round 2.  Or round 3.  I live with this fear every single day.

Then, there’s the sadness.  It comes with knowing that your life has changed, against your will.  The sadness knowing that, even if you beat it, you can never go back.  It will never again NOT be a part of your life.  This sadness tries to work its way into my life every single day.

If you’re lucky, and you can see past the fear and the sadness, there is also joy.  It isn’t easy to find, and it takes continuous effort.  It is the joy that comes from discovering just how strong you are.  Joy, knowing that you got another chance.  Joy, unlike anything you’ve ever experienced, because it only comes to those who have examined every facet of their life, as they faced the real possibility of death.   Joy from living each moment of your life like it is your last.  Because it might be.  This joy is what keeps me going, and I search for it every single day.

THIS is breast cancer.

Turner - Radiation 2013-1002_FOR BLOG
Turner - Radiation 2013-1010_FOR BLOG
Turner - Radiation 2013-1026_FOR BLOG
Turner (Portraits) 2013-1009_FOR BLOG
Turner (Portraits) 2013-1027_FOR BLOG
Turner (Portraits) 2013-1051_FOR BLOG

Now, scurry on over to see what Tressa, the Dallas, Texas Lifestyle photographer at Tressavent Photography, has to show you about Real Emotion!

until next time,
  • TressaOctober 10, 2014 - 12:19 pm

    Caroline, you are such an inspiration. I went through every emotion you described when reading your words and looking through these images. Hugs, friend! <3ReplyCancel

  • Lilly SueNovember 6, 2014 - 4:30 pm

    You so ROCK the real life feelings of those of us that continue the fight! You inspire me, you have encouraged me and no doubt others…I am not a real Pink girl but I had my pink flower manicure n pedicure, wore my Breast Cancer braclet and made sure if asked I Spoke out with boldness to any one that would listen this past month…..I read every article I see regarding updates or new research etc… But I never tire of seeing others with the same strength of spirit living life with much more appreciation now then before, what I effectionally call…BBC…Before Breast Cancer!!! Continue in your resilience and living with love, I will too! Those pictures made me cry so I had to respond. My 1 year out check up is November 24th… I hope to post a big Happy Dance …wish me well…as I do you always..ReplyCancel

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