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    Who am I? I am Caroline, a girl with a camera {alot of them, actually} and a passion for documenting life. I am married to my very own superhero, and have two sons who claim I am "the best mommy they ever had". My favorite sound in the world is their uncontrollable laughter. I love living in sunny San Diego, but wish it snowed here. I love the beach, but not in the summer. I battled breast cancer (3 times!), and came out on the other end with a newfound appreciation for the need to capture life's moments...ALL of them. And, believe it or not, I actually enjoyed being bald. I love watching the 'light bulb" go on when a child learns or discovers something new. The highest compliment you could pay me would be to tell me I perfectly captured your child's personality during our session. I love camping, boating, skiing, wakeboarding, hiking, & biking. Basically, if I am outdoors, I am happy. However, I am also quite happy curled up on my couch in front of a fire.

    Who am I? Only the luckiest girl in the world, hoping you will allow me to be a part of your

Play Ball! | Oceanside Lifestyle Beach Photography

Beach sessions are always fun, but when a family comes ready to play, that’s the best!  These guys are totally into baseball, so mom thought it would be fun to have a little practice on the beach.  She was right. There is nothing I love more than photographing families doing what they love.  Be sure to check out one of my favorite, and very last, shots from this session here.  It’s why I never put my camera away until I get into my car!

Foley 2014-1004_FOR BLOG
Foley 2014-1022_FOR BLOG
Foley 2014-1066_FOR BLOG
Foley 2014-1068_FOR BLOG
Foley 2014-1093_FOR BLOG
Foley 2014-1100_FOR BLOG

Gettin’ My Pinkle On! | Cardiff Newborn Lifestyle Photography

A couple of years ago, I had the incredible pleasure of attending a Pinkle Toes Photography Workshop (you can read all about it here).  Even after nearly 15 years in business, I learned SO much!  Michele is an open book, and her workshops cover everything.  So, when she contacted me to discuss the possibility of bringing her workshop to Southern California, and asked if I would be willing to help her host it, I jumped at the opportunity.  As a general rule, in both my personal and professional lives, I try to surround myself with people that inspire me.  Those who inspire me daily to be a better mom, a better wife, a better person, a better photographer.  And Michele is definitely one of those people.  I am so lucky our paths crossed and made us friends.

So, I got to work behind the scenes, helping sort out the logistics for the Cardiff workshop.  And in July, our sweet little group convened on an adorable little Cardiff beach house for a weekend crash-course in running a successful portrait photography business.  It was just as I expected…truly amazing!  If you ever get the opportunity to attend a Pinkle Toes Workshop, jump on it!  Immediately.  It is absolutely worth the investment.   If you don’t believe me, click on over to see what Therese Barrett Photography, a Fine Art Photographer, has to say about her experience.  And when you are done there, keep clicking through our blog circle…I know I will!

Pinkle Cardiff House 2014-1001_FOR BLOG
Pinkle Maternity BTS_FOR BLOG
Pinkle Maternity_FOR BLOG
Pinkle Newborn BTS_FOR BLOG
Pinkle Newborn_FOR BLOG
And the icing on the cake?  My own little family got a chance to hang out together in front of Michele’s lens and get Pinkle’d!  It was such a fun experience, and I will forever cherish the images she created for us.  She really captured the spirit of who we are as a family.  Grateful doesn’t even begin to cover it. <3  Go check out the Pinkle Toes Photography blog to see some of the images Michele captured of us.  And if you are in the Austin area, Pinkle Toes is the person to call for amazing lifestyle photography! Here’s one of my favorites.

Cardiff-family_WEB-56_FOR BLOG


  • Michele (Pinkle Toes)September 26, 2014 - 10:32 am

    Sniff. This is so sweet, C. (There I go cryin’ again!!!). Happy, happy memories here and you made the workshop amazing! Thank you!!!!!ReplyCancel

Endless Summer | Cardiff Family Lifestyle Photography

My favorite sessions are the unscripted ones.  The ones where a family is content to just be, and to invite me to capture it.  The ones where they are perfectly fine with getting wet and sandy at the beach, cuz they were camping there anyway.  The ones where I am free to go wherever my lens takes me.  Sessions like this one are food for my creative soul.

Neumeyer 2014-1006_FOR BLOG
Neumeyer 2014-1010_FOR BLOG
Neumeyer 2014-1015_FOR BLOG
Neumeyer 2014-1028_FOR BLOG
Neumeyer 2014-1036_FOR BLOG
Neumeyer 2014-1049_FOR BLOG
Neumeyer 2014-1051_FOR BLOG
Neumeyer 2014-1059_FOR BLOG

One day, baby, you’ll learn… | Fallbrook Newborn Photography

I am always excited to get my hands on a squishy little newborn, but this time was extra special.  Back when I began my first business, years and years ago, this precious guy’s mama was my first employee.  She has witnessed my photography journey from the very beginning, and ran with her responsibilities in our store.  When she began her journey to become a teacher, I just knew she would be amazing!  And now, watching her (& her high school sweetheart husband’s) joy at becoming parents, well, it’s amazing to say the least.  And one day, this sweet baby boy will know just how lucky he is to have parents such as these two.  If he doesn’t figure it out on his own, his mama will teach him.  After all, she IS a teacher! 😉


Be sure to check out on of my favorites, in color, here!

Keepin’ It Real {Real Excitement} | San Diego Family Lifestyle Photography

If you’re new here, this post is part of a series I am doing with a wonderful group of photographers who are all past attendees of a Pinkle Toes Photography Workshop.  Translation…we have all learned from the best, and strive to keep our work fresh and creative.  What does this mean for you?  Well, it means you should absolutely take a few minutes to click through our blog circle here…it’s guaranteed to be full of beauty.  And this month, full of {real excitement}!  After you are done here, click on over to see all the excitement Kelly, a Bozeman Family Photographer, has to show you, at Kelly Kuntz Photography.

And what is more exciting than an unscripted road trip to Oregon to visit one of our favorite families?  not much, according to my kids.  in August we hopped in the rv for 11 days and headed to oregon with no reservations, and very few plans.  every single minute of our trip was amazing.  we camped, hiked, relaxed, rafted, floated, mined, caved, four-wheeled, and explored a ghost town.   See for yourself!



{Real Excitement} 2014 WEB-1001

hot springs!

{Real Excitement} 2014 WEB-1002
snow! in August!
{Real Excitement} 2014 WEB-1003
{Real Excitement} 2014 WEB-1004
Christmas! In August?
{Real Excitement} 2014 WEB-1005

exploring the woods!
{Real Excitement} 2014 WEB-1007
{Real Excitement} 2014 WEB-1011
cooking over the campfire!
{Real Excitement} 2014 WEB-1009
{Real Excitement} 2014 WEB-1010

  • Jody MackSeptember 10, 2014 - 6:52 am

    I love these! An 11 day road trip with kids and no reservations? You are my hero.ReplyCancel

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